Small Group

A small group is any group desiring to meet under the supervision of church leadership (on or off campus and even online) for the purpose of growing in Christ through fellowship, bible study, and wholesome activities.


Small Groups have the potential of creating dynamic disciples through nontraditional means and ministries.

If the depths of relationships and our commitment to one another are so important to God, then small groups must also be important as it is mainly in small groups that close relationships can develop. The early New Testament church sets before us an effective example of “small groups,” where the church met regularly for fellowship, breaking bread, prayer, and study of God’s Word.

Glad Tidings Small Group is an opportunity for that model of growing closer to the Lord and one another in a time of bible study, discussion, and fellowship. We meet online via ZOOM on the fourth Sundays of the month at 6:00PM. Sign up for more information on how to join our online small group.

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