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Our Internet Service Provider has notified us of issues with our internet connection. It is likely that we will experience issues with our live stream for the next several weeks until our ISP can resolve the issue. We well make our best effort to continue to provide our live stream during our services. However, in the event that we do experience issues, we will be recording each service and posting them to our website. You can find them by clicking the "View All of Our Latest Videos" link above. We apologize for the inconvenience. - GTAG Staff

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Let us know if we have been a blessing to you.

I’m coming to church on Sunday just to let you know

Good messages & stories, Pastors Steve & Cheri! Great surprise for the young artist, Pastor Alex! God bless him & all of you!

Thank you to the musicians for continuing to share the worship time during this pandemic quarantine time. I love the worship time, and it is such a blessing to worship and sing praises to our God! Excellent message today Pastor Steve!

Good preaching Alex it was good to see those young guys faces

Thank you all so much for the beautiful music & the great Easter message!! 'Twas all very good and we'll done!! Loved Cheri' s & Jim's message & interplay with the puppet about Easter not having been cancelled. Loved Carmen's beautiful hat & her & Pastor Alex's & Pastor Steve's & the whole family's Easter greetings. Made the day wonderful & blessed even though we couldn't be in church due to the COVID 19 restrictions. God bless you all!!

Great me be able to join in.

Good service ptl

We really received the service this morning and all the informative material.thank you for making a way for us to continue to worship and praise together.

Hi Pastor,
I missed last Wednesday, I didn't know the memory verse so you get to have my candy, lol

Glad I was able to join. Thank you!

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